Best VPNs for Discovery Channel

The Discovery Channel is famous around the world for its hit TV shows, including Deadliest Catch and Mythbusters. But if your current VPN doesn’t work with Discovery Channel, the VPN’s servers may have been blacklisted. Our guide will help you switch from your flawed VPN to a reliable alternative.

If you try and stream Discovery Channel shows outside of the US without a VPN, you’ll get an error message: “We’re sorry. This site is not available in your region”. Signing up with a VPN would usually solve that problem, but if it hasn’t, you’ve chosen the wrong service.

Our handy guide on streaming Discovery Channel abroad highlights the best VPNs around. All of our top picks will quickly replace servers that get blacklisted by Discovery Channel.

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How to watch Discovery Channel abroad: Quick guide

  1. Get ExpressVPN ($8.32/month) or Ivacy ($1.33/month)
  2. Download and install the VPN app on your device
  3. Connect to a US VPN server to gain access to the Discovery Channel website
  4. Watch Discovery Channel content on-demand from anywhere in the world

That’s all you need to do. With a VPN installed and configured on your device, you can tune into the Discovery Channel from anywhere in the world – that includes the UK.

Can I watch Discovery Channel abroad?

Fancy watching Discovery Channel outside of the US? Without a VPN, you’re out of luck – the website is restricted so only US viewers can enjoy its content. But partnering up with one of our trusted VPNs can help you punch through that wall.

Discovery Channel error message

If you’re in the outside the US and want to watch Discovery Channel abroad, you need a trustworthy VPN. Right now, Discovery has technology in place that identifies non-US IP addresses and blocks them without question. A top-rated VPN will effectively mask your IP address, allowing access to Discovery Channel online.

Using a VPN to watch Discovery Channel online isn’t complicated. In fact, all you need to do is sign up for one of our recommended VPNs and connect to a US-based server. By connecting to an American VPN server, the Discovery website will assume you’re browsing from inside the country.

By downloading and running one of our trusted VPNs, it’s possible to watch Discovery Channel outside of the US. The best VPNs for Discovery Channel will have you up and running in minutes and you’ll be completely anonymous as you browse.

Take a look at our list of recommended Discovery Channel VPNs below.

Discovery Channel not working with VPN?

Not all VPNs are created equal. And the Discovery Channel – along with Netflix, Amazon, HBO and loads of other networks – now blocks VPNs from accessing its servers. So if you’ve got a VPN turned on and you’re still not able to watch the Discovery Channel, then I have some bad news. Your VPN is blocked by the Discovery Channel.

The good news is that there are still several VPNs that do work with Discovery Channel. And Netflix, Amazon, HBO etc. All you need to do is use the right one.

Below you’ll find a list of our four favourite VPNs. They’re all good choices and, importantly, they all work with Discovery. However, if you’re looking for the best VPN speeds and reliability. I recommend ExpressVPN ($8.32/month) as it’s is the best in the industry. If you’re looking for a good low-cost alternative, the Ivacy ($1.33/month) is a good alternative.

Discovery Channel shows

Best VPNs for Discovery Channel 2019


1. ExpressVPN

Price: $8.32/month

Best VPNs for Discovery Channel - ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is one of the most popular VPNs in the world, and for good reason. This secure, trusted and affordable service will let you bypass the geo-restrictions on the Discovery website to stream content outside the US.

If you’re browsing using ExpressVPN, your IP address will be hidden at all times. That’s a vital step in preventing Discovery from serving you the dreaded “must be in America” message. Right now, ExpressVPN has servers in 150 different locations in 94 countries. Regardless of the server you’re using, ExpressVPN will never log your traffic data.

As an added layer of protection, ExpressVPN uses a network kill switch. In the event you lose connection to a VPN server without warning, this feature will keep your internet traffic anonymous.

If you’re using ExpressVPN in your PC or Mac through Google Chrome, you can play around with the web browser extension. This gives you one-click access to ExpressVPN and its vast library of global servers. It’s fantastically convenient and easy to use.

Like all good VPNs, ExpressVPN employs a team of technical experts that can lend a helping hand if you’re having trouble getting set up. The ExpressVPN live chat service runs around the clock, 24 hours a day.

Convinced by this VPN? Sign up today and your subscription will have you covered on various devices including PC, Mac, Android and iOS.

Click here to get ExpressVPN for $8.32/month

2. Ivacy

Price: $1.33/month

Best VPNs for Discovery Channel - Ivacy

For as little as £1 a month, you can kick back and enjoy Discovery Channel shows from anywhere in the world. Ivacy is one of the cheapest, most reliable ways to watch Discovery Channel outside the US, offering every customer complete security.

There are plenty of reasons why we’re so happy to recommend Ivacy. For one, it’ll let you connect to any US-based server in seconds, leaving you to enjoy Man vs. Wild, Shark Week or Naked and Afraid.

As soon as you’ve signed up to Ivacy, you’ll have access to the Ivacy app on your PC, smartphone and tablet. The VPN will assign you a US IP address so you can browse the web undetected, with full access to content that would usually be locked to non-US viewers.

A single Ivacy subscription has you covered on up to five devices at a time, making it a popular pick with TV-addicted families. As this VPN has a strict ‘no-logs’ policy in place, your identifying information won’t be handed over to sneaky third parties or your ISP.

Like ExpressVPN, this service comes with a built-in network switch. A broken connection will never see your identity exposed. On top of that, Ivacy uses real-time threat detection to alert you if you’re accessing a website that could compromise your PC and its files.

Click here to get Ivacy for $1.33/month

3. NordVPN

Price: $2.99/month

Best VPNs for Discovery Channel - NordVPN

Without a doubt, NordVPN is one of the best Discovery Channel VPNs around. It’s a trusted service that you can use to watch the Discovery Channel from abroad. This VPN offers thousands of servers around the world, letting you surf the web without fear of bumping into geo-restricted content.

Some VPNs will put a restriction on the amount of content you can download using its servers – that’s not the case with NordVPN.

Every minute you’re browsing the web with NordVPN at your side, you’ll be fully protected by military-grade encryption. Even if you’re streaming Discovery Channel shows over public wi-fi, you’ll be safe.

If you run into issues setting up NordVPN for the first time, help is just a click away. NordVPN live chat support can save the day, whether you’re a VPN newbie or you have a technical question to run by the experts.

The cherry on the cake is NordVPN’s CyberSec feature. This handy extra will effectively block websites that could infect your device with data-grabbing malware. It’s important to stay protected against online baddies, as they could potentially expose your real identity and location.

Click here to get NordVPN for $2.99/month

4. PureVPN

Price: $3.33/month

Best VPNs for Discovery Channel - PureVPN

PureVPN is another super-secure VPN that lets you stream Discovery Channel shows outside of the US. This VPN looks after a dedicated userbase over 3 million strong, providing high-speed servers and unlimited server switching.

As PureVPN hosts various servers dotted across America, you can connect to a Discovery Channel-friendly server in seconds and stream content without your real IP address being exposed.

Every PureVPN account is blessed with the ability to use up to five devices simultaneously. You can use this VPN on your home computer whenever you need it, swap over to your smartphone or streaming stick and still have coverage. It’s a breeze to use.

By downloading the PureVPN mobile app, you can sort servers by location, or by your favourite streaming service.

Click here to get PureVPN for $3.33/month

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