PureVPN not working with Netflix

PureVPN not working with Netflix? Here’s an EASY fix!

If you’re experiencing problems connecting to US Netflix using PureVPN, don’t worry. We’re here to help. In this article, we show you what you need to do if PureVPN is not working with Netflix.

Why does Netflix block VPNs?

Netflix is duty-bound to block customers from using VPNs to access its content. While on the surface it may seem unfair for a user in New Zealand to have access to less content than a user in the US (while paying the same fee), it makes sense from a business point of view.

Netflix licenses the vast majority of its library on a country-by-country basis. And because the collective buying power of the 125m US Netflix users is far greater than (for example) the 1.2m New Zealand Netflix customers, the US library is naturally much bigger.

This means Netflix has to protect its virtual borders. Failing to do so will result in Netflix being forced to pay for global licenses.

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How does Netflix block PureVPN?

This problem isn’t new or unique. Netflix has been detecting and blocking VPNs since 2016. Since then, VPNs have been working on ways to get around Netflix’s VPN ban. The result is a long-running game of Cat and Mouse between VPNs and Netflix.

The methodology behind how Netflix blacklists VPNs is pretty simple. It simply bans any IP address – belonging to a VPN – from accessing its servers.

The way Netflix detects a VPN’s IP address is equally simple. It’s all based on the number of connections coming from the same IP address (or range of IP addresses). When there’s an abnormal number of simultaneous connections coming from the same IP, that address gets blacklisted. Which is why you’re now seeing the Netflix error message.

How to fix?

If you want to get PureVPN working with Netflix again there are several things you can try.

  1. The first thing you need to do is make sure you’re connecting to the right server. Connect via Streaming Mode and then select the US Netflix option.
  2. The next best thing you can do is check you have the latest version of NordVPN installed. This will fix a lot of problems you may be experiencing.
  3. If you’re connecting via a Windows or Mac computer, you should download the PureVPN ChromeEextension and connect using that. This helps a lot!
  4. Another great option is buying a dedicated IP with PureVPN for just $1.99/month. This means you won’t be sharing your connection with other customers. So it won’t get detected (and blocked) in the first place.
  5. Still not working? Read our Netflix detecting VPN? Here’s how to fix that! article for more options.
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  • Thanks, I tried PureVPN extension and it’s working fine with my Netflix account. Didn’t get any error till now.