How to watch Viaplay in UK

Viaplay is an on-demand and streaming service that offers access to the latest movies, series, children’s shows and sports channels. But as Viaplay is aimed at users based in Finland, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway, it’s not officially supported in the UK.

If you want to watch Viaplay in the UK, don’t fret – you can use a VPN to get instant access today. Whether you’re travelling abroad or you’re an ex-pat living in the UK, our expert guide on Viaplay will help you unlock the service with a trusted, affordable VPN.

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How to watch Viaplay abroad: Quick guide

    1. Get ExpressVPN (£5.13/month)
    2. With your VPN, connect to a server in Sweden, Denmark, Norway or Finland
    3. Load up the Viaplay website and log into your account
    4. Watch Viaplay from anywhere in the world

Keep scrolling to find out how to use Viaplay in the UK. We’ve got a list of recommended VPNs that unlock geo-restricted content and keep your safe and anonymous at the same time.

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What is Viaplay?

Viaplay is a Netflix-esque streaming platform exclusive to Nordic countries. It’s a paid-for platform, with the number of channels you get dependent on the tier of subscription you opt for. Viaplay supports online and offline viewing – you can download certain shows to your smartphone or tablet and enjoy them on the move.

Making up part of Viaplay’s library are Hollywood blockbusters including Murder on the Orient Express, Creed II, Wreck-it Ralph and Spiderman. A paid-for subscription will unlock TV shows like Paradise Hotel, The Office and Criminal Minds.

Sports fans also have something to get excited about. By signing up to the pricier Viaplay package (we’ll come to pricing shortly), you can stream UEFA Champions League games and Premier League football, NHL, NFL, UFC and Formula 1.

Viaplay is available to use through the website or on smart TVs, smartphones and tablets. Games consoles and streaming sticks such as the Google Chromecast and Amazon Fire Stick are also supported.

Can I watch Viaplay in the UK?

Yes, but you’ll need a VPN to unlock the website. By default, Viaplay content is locked to specific countries due to international copyright laws. The UK isn’t on the list of compatible territories, but using a VPN will assign you an IP address from a country that is.

If you try to access Viaplay in the UK without a VPN, you won’t get far. A message pops up on the website asking you to confirm that you live in Sweden, Denmark, Norway or Finland.

You’ll only be able to watch TV shows, movies and sports through Viaplay with an IP address from a Nordic country. A VPN will assign you an IP address that works with the website – a UK IP address will keep generating error messages.

Once you’ve worked your way through our guide, you’ll be able to watch Viaplay on your computer, smart TV, games console or smartphone.

How to watch Viaplay abroad

Before you can watch Viaplay abroad, you’ll need to sign up with a VPN that keeps personal information private. If you’re shopping for a super-secure VPN that isn’t let down by lots of blacklisted servers, try any of the following:

Once you’ve signed up with one of our recommended VPNs, you’re almost ready to go. To watch Viaplay from anywhere in the world, just run through these steps:

  1. Download and install the app for the VPN you’ve signed up for
  2. Connect to a server based in Sweden, Denmark, Norway or Finland
  3. Head to the Viaplay website and sign in with your account details
  4. Watch Viaplay from anywhere in the world

How much does Viaplay cost?

Even if you have a VPN installed on your computer, you’ll still need a valid Viaplay account to use the website.

Viaplay offers two different packages. The cheaper option, Viaplay Sport, costs around £32/month and includes access to Sports, Fighting (UFC, MMA and boxing), TV shows and children’s entertainment.

If you’ve got more cash to splash, you might be tempted by the pricier option, Viaplay Total. Viaplay Total costs around £36 and offers the same perks as Viaplay Sport. But on top of that, it adds access to Viaplay movies, which will be a must-have for film fans.

Viaplay offers a two-week trial so you can learn more about what it has to offer, but even if you’re a trial user, you’ll still need a VPN to use Viaplay.

The best VPNs for Viaplay

1. ExpressVPN

Price: £5.13/month

Best VPNs for Viaplay - ExpressVPN

With an ExpressVPN account, you’ll be free to use Viaplay from anywhere in the world.

This cheap VPN will assign you an IP address that works flawlessly with Viaplay streams. Most importantly, the Viaplay website won’t know you’re spoofing your location to get access to its library of TV shows and movies.

Viaplay is the go-to VPN for thousands of expats around the world. It’s easy to set up for the first time and a breeze to use, whether you’re watching Viaplay movies or Premier League football. You can unlock geo-restricted content in just a couple of clicks.

To use ExpressVPN to watch Viaplay in the UK, load up ExpressVPN, connect to a server based in a Nordic country and then head to the Viaplay website. With a compatible IP address now assigned to your device, you can stream anything you like through Viaplay, completely uninterrupted.

Right now, ExpressVPN offers servers in over 90 countries around the world. Once you’re done streaming Viaplay shows, you can jump to a different server and use another streaming website. Each ExpressVPN is protected by military-grade encryption, so your personal data is secure.

Click here to get ExpressVPN for £5.13/month

2. Ivacy

Price: £1.02/month

Best VPNs for Viaplay - Ivacy

Want to use Viaplay in the UK and keep costs low at the same time? Ivacy is the way to go, unlocking the Viaplay website and keeping your online activity hidden from third parties thanks to a strict ‘no-logs’ policy.

As Ivacy provides a premium service, blacklisted servers are replaced promptly, so you’ll never be left without a server to help you catch the latest movies on Viaplay.

In fact, Ivact currently hosts over 1,000 servers in more than 100 different countries around the world. There are no restrictions over how many times you can switch between them.

Signing up with Ivacy means you’ll be able to unlock geo-restricted content from an iOS or Android smartphone, console and smart TV.

Click here to get Ivacy for £1.02/month

3. NordVPN

Price: £3.04/month

Best VPNs for Viaplay - NordVPN

If you’re travelling from a Nordic country and don’t want to miss out on TV from back home, use NordVPN to access Viaplay. NordVPN is easy to get to grips with (even for VPN newbies) and unblocks locked content without trouble.

NordVPN will spoof your location so the Viaplay website thinks you’re browsing from Sweden, Denmark, Norway or Finland.

There are thousands of NordVPN servers around the world, with each one protected with military-grade encryption. Even if you’re using Viaplay through a public Wifi spot, you’ll be fully protected from shady third parties and data-grabbing malware.

Some VPNs put a limit on how many times you can jump between servers, but NordVPN isn’t one of them. All NordVPN users also benefit from CyberSec, a handy feature that blocks websites known to share malware.

If you run into technical trouble and need some assistance, you can reach out to NordVPN’s team of experts. This VPN hosts a 24/7 live chat service to get you back to watching Viaplay abroad

Click here to get NordVPN for £3.04/month

4. PureVPN

Price: £2.49/month

Best VPNs for Viaplay - PureVPN

This trusted VPN is a popular choice for Viaplay users travelling overseas. PureVPN combines an affordable price tag with a premium list of features. It’s quick at replacing blacklisted servers, which means you’ll be able to dodge frustrating ‘not available in your region’ error messages.

PureVPN has over 2,000 servers in more than 140 countries, so you’ll be spoiled for choice with a subscription. A single account lets you use all of the company’s servers, whether you’re streaming Viaplay movies or accessing the US Netflix library from the UK.

To keep you anonymous while you’re browsing the web with PureVPN, a network kill switch is running in the background. If your connection to PureVPN drops without warning, the network kill switch will prevent your actual location and IP address from being made public.

Like all great VPNs, PureVPN works flawlessly on Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. Even if you’re travelling outside Nordic countries, you’ll still be able to make the most of the Viaplay app. Hit our sign-up link below to get started today.

Click here to get PureVPN for £2.49/month

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