Delete junk files on iPhone

We explain how to delete junk files in iOS. How to clear data, and delete your iPhone’s cache. Here’s how to remove unwanted junk and speed up your iPhone. Five ways to clear space on your iPhone.

We show you two must-know iPhone hacks, that are good spring cleaning for any iPhone user. And then we recommend three apps that can help to give your iPhone a simple speed boost. (See also: How to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone.)

How to speed up iPhone
How to speed up iPhone

How to speed up iPhone: Delete unwanted caches and data

First we’ll clean out your iPhone’s caches. A cache is a small amount of memory stored in order to make surfing or using software easier. It is the cache on your browser that logs you into websites and autofills forms. It helps web pages to load quicker by saving certain elements of that page.

So deleting your iPhone’s Safari cache will mean you’re logged out of any websites into which you’ve signed. It will give your web browsing a spring in its step, however. Let’s clear out your iPhone’s Safari cache.

1. Go to Settings > Safari.

2. Tap Clear History and Website Data.

3. Select Clear History and Data.

Clear history and data on iPhone
Clear history and data on iPhone

That’s it! Now we will clear out cached data stored in your apps. The same deal applies: you’ll lose some convenience, but pick up a bit of perkiness.

1. Go to Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage

2. Select Manage Storage.

3. Now choose an item in Documents and Data.

4. Found something you want to delete? Slide to the left all of those unwanted items, and then hit Delete.

5. Tap Edit > Delete All to remove all an app’s data.

Clear storage on iPhone
Clear storage on iPhone

How to speed up iPhone: Recover memory

This is something all iPhone users should consider doing regularly. And it is classically simple: switch it off, and switch it back on again. (See also: 6 ways to stop running out of data on iPhone | How to make iPhone data go further | How to turn off Wi-Fi assist.)

Apple fans will tell you that iOS is an perfectly efficient memory manager, and background apps take up no memory. But we find that restarting the phone closes down all running apps and gives a burst of responsiveness to an iPhone. So let’s restart your iPhone:

1. Hold down the Sleep/Wake button.

2. “Slide to power off” should now appear.

3. Slide the power off switch to turn off the iPhone.

4. Wait for 30 seconds or so to ensure the iPhone has fully closed down.

5. Now hit the Sleep/Wake button to turn on the iPhone.

How to speed up iPhone: Clear iOS files and memory with Battery Doctor

Now we enter the murky world of third-party apps that claim to give a speed boost to your iPhone. As with all such apps in the Windows and Android worlds, we can’t guarantee any of these things will work. But we have picked out apps that in our experience are useful.

In most cases they automate the things we talked about above. They do basically the same things in slightly different ways.

Battery Doctor’s principle reason for being is to provide information about your battery. It has a handy sideline in clearing out junk files though.

1. Install and open Battery Doctor on your iPhone. You can find it in the App Store.

2. Choose the Junk tab.

3. Select ‘Clean Up Cache’, and then tap ‘Clean’.

4. Battery Doctor will then scan your files. When it has done, tap Memory.

5. Now select Boost.

After it has finished Battery Doctor will show you how much memory has been released. You should now find your iPhone runs a little faster. Or at least it feels that way!

Battery Doctor
Battery Doctor

How to speed up iPhone: Remove iOS junk files with iMyFone Umate

Another piece of software to consider is iMyFone Umate. In this case it isn’t an app, so much as desktop software that has a sideline in iPhone work. iMyFone Umate for Windows and Mac can be used to remove temporary and junk files from your iPhone. It is paid-for software, but there is a free trial that will do this job.

1. Install iMyFone Umate and connect your iPhone to your PC or Mac using the Lightning cable.

2. Open iMyFone Umate. Click Scan on the Home tab.

3. Select clear Junk files and Temporary files.

iMyFone Umate
iMyFone Umate

How to speed up iPhone: Remove iOS junk files with PhoneClean

PhoneClean is another piece of software that can remove junk files from iOS. And like iMyFone Umate it is paid-for desktop software with a free trial. Here’s how you use PhoneClean to delete junk files:

1. Install PhoneClean, and attach the iPhone to your PC or Mac using your Lightning cable.

2. Open PhoneClean, click Scan.

3. Wait for the scan to complete, then click Clean.


Just like that, you should have an iPhone that is as good as new. Read next, how to fix ‘Android insufficient storage’ error message.

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  1. Thanks for this info. It is frustrating when junk files take up space. Also check all the apps and games that are often pre-loaded onto the phone as these take up lots of space and are often never used. Has anyone tried unlocking a used iphone? I found after unlocking it also worked to speed up the processes on the phone. I used these guys iphone approved unlock but are are lots of others, they work remotely and reasonable priced.

  2. The situation could be frustrating and can go a long way to slowing down your system’s speed. What do you do at this time? There is need to delete those unnecessary files.

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