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Best cheap VR headsets for iOS and Android 2019

Below, we’ve rounded up some of the best cheap VR headsets for iOS and Android 2019. Keep scrolling and you’ll also spot one pricier pick that we think is worth the extra money – we can’t put it down.

If you’ve never experienced virtual reality before, now is a great time to get involved. There are loads of cheap VR headsets to choose from, and before you know it you’ll be exploring the Amazon jungle or soaring above the clouds in a paraglider.

What is VR?

Virtual reality, otherwise known as VR for short, can transport you into a virtual world. When you wear a VR headset, moving your head around will let you look around a virtual 3D space in real time. There are thousands of free and paid-for VR apps ready to be discovered, so get going!

How much is a VR headset?

It depends on what type of headset you go for. But you can pick up basic, cheap VR headsets usually cost under £30.

Cheap VR headsets for iOS and Android sell for under £30. But if it’s a VR headset for PC you’re after, you’ll spend closer to £400.

If you’re working with a bigger budget, you might want something that feels more premium. Some headsets have their own built-in screen, so you don’t need your mobile on you to use them. The Oculus Go (£194) is a good example.

The most wallet-busting option is a VR headset for PC. Big names in PC VR include the Lenovo Mirage Solo (£390), Oculus Rift S (£399) and HTC Vive (£500).

Which VR headsets work with iPhone and Android?

Most of the cheap ones do, although we’ve found Bluetooth controllers work more consistently with Android phones. If you’re unsure, check with the manufacturer before you slam ‘Buy’.

To use a VR headset with iPhone or Android, you have to download a VR app on your phone, open up the headset and place your mobile inside. Holding the headset up to your face will transport you into the app – it’s brilliant fun and highly addictive.

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Best cheap VR headsets 2019


1. Canbor VR Headset with Remote Controller

  • Price: £25.99
  • Compatibility: 4-inch to 6.3-inch smartphones

Like the sound of your own private 3D cinema? This VR headset from Canbor can make it happen, and it’ll only cost you £26 for a lifetime ticket.

The Canbor VR headset has an adjustable head strap and a washable foam face padding. The phone holder on the front can be adjusted so you know your phone is firmly in place.

Meanwhile, a toggle for adjusting focal distance makes sure you get a great view of the action while you’re gaming. On the side of the headset, you’ll find a small dial for adjusting pupil distance.

This cheap VR headset comes bundled with a remote. You hold it sideways like you would a PlayStation controller, and it lets you search through apps without having to take the headset off.

Verdict: A great overall package that’s fairly priced. The Canbor VR headset is a winner for VR newbies, and the controller is a handy bonus.

2. Bitmore VR Eye 3D Virtual Reality Headset for Smartphones

  • Price: £6.99
  • Compatibility: 4-inch to 6.5-inch smartphones

A sub-£10 price tag makes this simple VR headset a great, inexpensive gift for yourself or a loved one. Originally on sale at £20, you can grab it now for just £6.99.

The Bitmore VR headset plays nicely with screens as big as 6.5-inches. It has two fully adjustable lenses, and sliders on the top let you tweak your view until you’re happy. There’s a small hole in the right side of the Bitmore which lets you feed a charging cable through.

You’ll see a strap attached to this VR headset. It goes around the back of your head, but not over the top.

Verdict: One of the cheapest VR headsets around. Despite its low price tag, it still does the job if you want to experience VR on your smartphone.

3. Samsung Gear VR with Controller

  • Price: £114.24
  • Compatibility: Samsung smartphones up to 6.4-inches

This VR headset is slightly pricier than most of our other picks, but grab the Gear VR and you’ll notice the superb build quality right away.

The padding around the eye sockets is nice and soft, so you won’t have any problems if you end up watching VR films for long periods at a time.

As this VR headset is powered by Oculus tech, the accuracy of its head-tracking is fantastic. It’s a clear step above most VR headsets for smartphones. The partnership with Oculus also means you’ll have access to the Oculus VR app, which has hundreds of games and interactive films.

There’s a brilliantly useful trackpad on the right side of the Samsung Gear VR – you use it to move your cursor. Sat right above the trackpad are a ‘Home’ button and a ‘Back’ button.

Unsurprisingly, the Gear VR is compatible with loads of Samsung mobiles. The full list includes the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Note 8, S8 and S8+.

Verdict: The perfect pick if you own a Samsung smartphone and don’t mind spending around £100.

4. Shinecon Virtual Reality Headset

  • Price: £25.99
  • Compatibility: 4.7-inch to 6-inch smartphones

This unique VR headset has a pair of adjustable headphones attached to it. It has a striking blue design, and its makers say that the materials used will help to prevent your phone from overheating.

On the top of this cheap VR headset are buttons that let you interact with your favourite apps. You can also use them to adjust volume with a quick press.

To use your phone with this headset, you remove the buckle at the top of and fold the plate down. Prop your smartphone against that surface, fold it back up and put the glasses up to your eyes. That’s all there is to it.

Verdict: The VR headset for you if you enjoy wearing headphones while you game.

5. KINGA 2019 VR Headset Virtual Reality Glasses

  • Price: £9.99
  • Compatibility: 4.7-inch to 6-inch smartphones

This lightweight VR headset is really easy to use.

Although it doesn’t have any built-in volume controls, you do get a dial for playing around with pupil distance. There’s also a clip on the front of the headset to stop your mobile from dancing around while you’re blasting aliens or flying a spaceship in-game.

The faceplate is made from soft leather and a secure strap wraps around the top and back of your head.

Verdict: If you’re curious about VR and want something super simple, this cheap VR headset is a safe bet for a tenner.

If you’ve got a bigger budget, try…

Oculus Go Standalone Virtual Reality Headset

  • Price: £194
  • Compatibility: N/A

This is a standalone VR headset for iOS and Android. In other words, it runs mobile games, but has its own built-in screen.

You’ll need to download the free Oculus app on your mobile to configure the Oculus Go VR headset for the first time, but after that you’re free to play without your phone.

There’s 32GB of storage space on the Oculus Go, which means you’re able to browse the app store while wearing the headset and download new games straight to it without fuss. The VR headset comes bundled with a nifty handheld controller that you can use to point at objects while you’re wearing it.

Verdict: We love the Oculus Go. Brilliant value for money if you have more than a passing interest in VR. The fact you don’t need to have your smartphone sat inside the headset is a welcome bonus.

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