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If you’re looking to sell on Amazon, then getting an idea of what the competition is currently selling is a good place to start. However, where do you go to find the right data? Here we show you how to find Amazon sales data for specific products.

The first thing that you need to know is that there are a lot of free tools available for what you need. AMZScout and Jungle Scout are good places to start. Both sites offer free Amazon FBA sales calculators.

How do Amazon FBA Calculators work?

The methodology behind how Amazon FBA Calculator’s work is pretty basic straightforward. Amazon only has 31 selling categories and within these categories, EVERY product on Amazon has its own Best Sellers Rank. This is measured by Amazon and is based on the volume of units sold in a month.

Example: By regularly measuring the top 20 Best Sellers Rank products in all 31 categories (and every 10th product from then on) an FBA Sales Calculator can provide an accurate estimate for any product on Amazon.

The difficulty is finding out how many units Amazon products sell in the first place. But FBA Calculators have found a pragmatic way of measuring this too.

How do Amazon FBA Calculator’s measure sales?

FBA Calculators are essentially bots that measure a product’s level of stock by adding them to an Amazon Basket. The Quantity is then increased until Amazon displays that there isn’t enough stock available to fulfil the order.

This is repeated every day.

If 9,999 units were the maximum quantity Amazon allowed on a Monday and this dropped to 9,984 on a Tuesday – the FBA Calculator knows that it sold 15 units yesterday. The longer a product is monitored for, the greater the accuracy.

As most FBA calculators have been monitoring products for several years now. It’s safe to assume the sales estimates are reliable.

Best Amazon Sales Data tool: AMZScout vs Jungle Scout

How to find Amazon sales data for specific products - AMZScout


Estimated Monthly Sales: 131

Find the monthly estimate with AMZscout is easy. All you need to do is copy and paste the ASIN number and select the correct Amazon location. Alternatively, you can download the AMZScout FBA Calculator Chrome Extension and get all the data at the press of a button.

Click this link to install the AMZScout PRO Extension. (Take note of popup tips that help you get more data about the product once you launch the
PRO Extension.)

Click here to get AMZScout Pro

How to find Amazon sales data for specific products - Jungle Scout


Estimated Monthly Sales: 162

Finding the estimates with Jungle Scout is a little trickier. You need to find the Product Details section of the listening and then copy the Best Sellers Rank number. From here you go to Jungle Scout, select the correct Amazon Marketplace and then filter by category. Then paste.

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