Our review of Intego Mac Internet Security X9 is a tale of two halves. Intego matched all of its Best Mac Antivirus rivals in terms of malware detection and protection. However, its impact on the system load lets itself down badly. A real shame. Read our Intego Mac Internet Security X9 review to find out more.

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Testing Explained


Testing Mac Antivirus software is a split into four major sections. The first test is a regular malware detection test. Next, we measure the load AV software puts on a Mac’s performance. This is followed by a false positives test to make sure non-harmful files aren’t flagged as dangerous. The test is concluded with a Potentially Unwanted Applications test – PUAs are apps with excessive advertising, messaging or privacy policies. See AV-Test.org for more.

Protection & Performance

Things started off pretty well for Intego Mac Internet Security X9. It detected 99.4% of the malware it was exposed to during tests. Sadly, it goes downhill rapidly from here.

The effect Intego Mac Internet Security X9 had on the system load was the highest recorded in this group test. Adding 35 seconds to the clean mac’s time of 127 seconds – when copying 27,28 GB of files. This represents a 21% load to the system.

The software performed better during the download speed test. Adding no perceptible increase to the download speed test.

Intego Mac Internet Security X9 review - screenshot


PUAs and False Positives


Intego Mac Internet Security X9 returned to returned to form in the next two tests. The first is designed to see how well an AV deals with Potentially Unwanted Apps (PUAs). These are programs and applications that aren’t technically harmful but are definitely unwanted. Programs that override or add extensions to your web browser are good examples of PUAs.

Happily, we can report that Intego matched its rivals in this test. Identifying over 98% of the 700 PUAs it was exposed to. The software aced the final test too – it didn’t highlight any False Positives.



Intego Mac Internet Security X9 is competitively priced. The cheapest option available to users is the one-device and one-year license for $39.99 (£29.60). This is a few dollars/pounds more expensive than its Mac antivirus rivals.

  • 1 device: 1 year: $39.99 (£29.60)
  • 1 device: 2 years: $74.99 (£55.10)
  • 3 devices; 1 year: $54.99 (£40.70)
  • 3 devices; 2 years: $99.99 (£74.01)
  • 5 devices; 1 year: $69.99 (£51.80)
  • 5 devices; 2 years: $124.99 (£92.52)

*Intego offers the option for a Dual Protection version of our products that allows you to get protection for both your Mac and Windows computers. We partner with Panda, a Windows antivirus protection company, to provide Windows protection. When you select Dual Protection, you get an additional license for 1 Windows computer in addition to the number of Mac computers chosen.

Get Intego Mac Internet Security X9.


Intego Mac Internet Security X9 review: Verdict


This Mac antivirus package is so close to getting it right. The price is good. It detected 99.4% of threats. Posted an equal best score when detecting PUAs. And added no extra time to the download speed test. However, it’s 21% drag on performance is unforgivable.

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