Comodo Antivirus for Mac review

Comodo Antivirus for Mac approaches things a little differently to its rivals. It’s a free-to-use Mac antivirus program. That’s where the good news ends. It score poorly in malware detection test and adds neatly 5% to a Mac’s system load. Find out more in our Comodo Antivirus for Mac review.

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Testing Explained


Testing Mac Antivirus software is a split into four major sections. The first test is a regular malware detection test. Next, we measure the load AV software puts on a Mac’s performance. This is followed by a false positives test to make sure non-harmful files aren’t flagged as dangerous. The test is concluded with a Potentially Unwanted Applications test – PUAs are apps with excessive advertising, messaging or privacy policies. See for more information.




Let’s start with Comodo’s unique business model. It gives away its Mac Antivirus software for free. And it is 100% free in monetary terms. You can download, install and run antivirus checks without spending a penny.

If you want assistance using Comodo – to remove malware, for example – this is when you’ll need to pay, to access Comodo support agents. Comodo has a history of bundling its Mac Antivirus software with third-party software. And while there’s no mention of this in 2018 Best Mac Antivirus tests, it doesn’t guarantee it won’t occur. 2017’s Comodo Antivirus for Mac package changed settings to promote Yahoo – showing the company has got form regarding hidden payments.

Protection & Performance


Comodo scored poorly in the malware detection test. It only identified and blocked 38.1% of the harmful files it was exposed to. This score is well below its paid-for Mac antivirus rivals. Most of which scored 100% in malware detection.

The low Malware-detection score is compounded by the impact the Comodo software had on a Mac’s system load. Adding 4.6% percent to the performance time (147 seconds / 154 seconds). The software fared a lot better in the download speed test, adding no extra time to the clean test score (56 seconds / 56 seconds).

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Potentially Unwanted Apps & False Positives


Comodo scored well in the False Positives test, returning no incorrect results when exposed to lesser-known apps and files. However, it’s a slightly murky result for the Potentially Unwanted Apps (PUAs) test.

Comodo bundles its free products with Yahoo. This would be a considered a PUA itself. Which immediately puts Comodo on the backfoot with consumers looking for PUA protection from there Mac Antivirus software.

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Comodo Antivirus for Mac review: Verdict

The perfect 38.1% Malware detection and protection score posted by Comodo Antivirus for Mac isn’t good enough. Not even for a free antivirus package. It comes with another hidden cost too – you sacrifice 5% of your Mac’s performance and also risk subjecting you machine to PUAs.

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