Nilfisk C130 1-6 Xtra Pressure Washer review

The Nilfisk C130 1-6 Xtra is a well-priced pressure washer with a 30+ year heritage that guarantees quality. If you’re looking to make an investment in a power hose that’ll keep your property’s outdoor space clean and moss free, you’re not going to be disappointed with this. Continue reading for our full Nilfisk C130 1-6 Xtra Pressure Washer review.

RRP: £159

Amazon price: £139


  • 130 bar pressure
  • Easy coupling
  • 6-meter hose plus two-wheeled unit


  • 16kg is heavy when you need to lift
  • Spray is not fully adjustable by nozzle

Nilfisk C130 1-6 Xtra Pressure Washer review: Overview

This unit is comprehensive. It comes with everything you’d expect from a modern pressure washer. A long 6-meter cable, easy fitting parts, plus two wheels to help you move around the 37.8x39x73.6cm and 15.8kg aluminium pump and two different nozzles.

The pressure here is generated from a powerful 1700w aluminium pump that generates a water pressure measured at a 130 bar. To give you content, the average bathroom tap and shower typically flows between 0.1 and 3 bar. Nilfisk says if you were to put the Nilfisk C130 1-6 Xtra Pressure Washer on full power and keep your finger pressed on the trigger for an entire hour, you’re going to use 440L.

Nilfisk C130 1-6 Xtra Pressure Washer review: Cleaning

Ths machine has been designed to make operation as straightforward as possible. All coupling/connecting areas are designed with male and female joints. This means connecting them is just a case of clicking them together and pressing a button to detach.

The 6-meter hose gives you enough slack to cover the average patio or reach a car in the driveway/roadside. Affordable extension hoses can be bought to extend the range should you need to. Amazon lists a compatible 8m extension hose for £19 – click here to buy.

Nilfisk C130 1-6 Xtra Pressure Washer review 2 - action shot

Accessories are an area the Nilfisk C130 1-6 Xtra has covered. In fact, the machine comes at five different price points, depending which bundle you opt for. The standard Pressure washer complete with C130 1-6 X-Tra Pressure Washer; Detergent dosing bottle and foam applicator; Powerspeed nozzle; Vario nozzle; 6 Metre hose; Soft-Grip Gun; and Click & Clean lance is priced at £159. The following bundles/attachments are also available:

  • Bike and moto cleaning kit – £183
  • Car cleaning kit – £197
  • Compact patio cleaner- £194
  • Wood and stone cleaning kit – £214

Cleaning cars, patios, decking, brick walls etc: Even though there are attachments and bundles that aid the cleaning of everything mentioned above, the unit still functions well without them. This machine is still capable of powering away mud from your car, moss off your walls, or slime off your deckinNilfisk without extra attachments. The attachments are there to make the chore that bit easier again.

Note that you should use this hose on a low setting when washing your car to avoid scratching the paintwork.

Nilfisk C130 1-6 Xtra Pressure Washer review: Verdict

There’s a lot to like about the Nilfisk C130 1-6 Xtra Pressure Washer. It’s well designed, robust and easy to use. It’s also a versatile machine that can do multiple cleaning jobs on its own. The range of retrofit attachments specifically designed for washing the car, patio or are also a big plus. With its two-year warranty, this is a purchase you’re not going to regret.

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