XM-PRO III Treadmill review

The XM-Pro III Treadmill is a great option for anyone looking to do some gentle jogging or walking in the comfort of their own homes. It’s well built, easy to use and not too expensive. Here’s our full XM-Pro III Treadmill review

RRP: £249.99

Amazon price: £209.99

XM-PRO III Treadmill review: Running

This isn’t the fastest running machine you can buy. The 1100W, 1.5 HP motorised engine is capable of reaching a top speed of 12KPH*, which isn’t really faster than a quick jog for most runners. However 12KPH it’s quick enough to give you split times of 5-minutes kilometres and 8:03-minute miles. See also: Best Treadmills for Home 2017.

To add an extra level of intensity to your workout, you can manually adjust set the running belt to one of its three pre-set incline levels. While it’s disappointing that this isn’t an automatic feature, adjusting the levels is easy. You simply need to twist the two feet at the rear of the running belt.

If you’re looking for a machine that lets you perform HIIT training, this is not the treadmill for you. We recommend you take a look at the Sportstech F37 (£649) or the Reebok Jet 100 Treadmill (£379) if you want to really open your legs.

[amazon_link asins=’B01860HFSU,B06Y5TGFNC,B00FOSGRH8′ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’techt06-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’ef022ccd-d880-11e7-9cf0-6363910ff7fd’]

On a more positive note, the running surface is more generous. Measuring at 110 x 40cm, it’s nice and wide for a home running machine. The XM-Pro III has a max weight of 100kg or 17.32 stone. If these specs don’t fit your needs, check out our review of the Reebok ZR8 (£388). It has a top speed of 15KPH and max weight of 120kg.

*12 KPH will give you the following times. 5k 25mins; 10k 50mins; Half marathon 1:45:32; Marathon 3:31:04.

XM-PRO III Treadmill review: Monitor and dashboard

The monitor is a simple monochrome LCD that displays everything you need from a treadmill workout (Speed, Distance, Time, Calories and Pulse).

XM-PRO III Treadmill review 3

There are a couple of thoughtful add-ons which users will enjoy. The combination of a tablet/smartphone holder with built-in speakers and an aux-in port will appeal most to users. This lets users fight off the boredom of a long run by listening to music or watching a video while training.

Navigating around the LCD screen is easy thanks to several intuitive buttons located on the dashboard. From here you can easily adjust your running speed or select the information you want to see the monitor. There are also three Quick Start buttons that you can use to get moving at 3, 5 or 7 KPH.

Like all well-designed treadmills, you can measure your heart rate from palm monitors located on the handrail. Next to these pulse readers are buttons that let you easily adjust your pace too.

The XM-PRO III Treadmill comes with 12 preprogrammed workouts that use various forms of speed or interval training to help you burn calories faster.

XM-PRO III Treadmill review: Maintenance

Assembling this running machine is relatively easy. The majority of the treadmill is preassembled, leaving the user with the task of unpacked and bolting together the final bits. Allow between 30-60 minutes to built and employ the help of a friend if not confident with moderately heavy equipment.

[amazon_link asins=’B01860HFSU’ template=’ProductAd’ store=’techt06-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’f42f9872-d881-11e7-a929-fb111c90ee60′]There’s little to do in the way of maintenance other than the occasional clean. One feature we did like is how easy they’ve made lubing the running belt. Here you just need to fill the machine with silicone oil (the lube of choice for treadmills) and it will automatically lubricate itself when needed.

The XM-PRO III Treadmill comes with a lifetime warranty on its motor and a 2-year warranty on the frame parts.

Like all good home running machine it also features built-in transportation wheels and can be folded to verticle storage. Fully assembled the treadmill measures H 140 x W 65 x L 135cm.

XM-PRO III Treadmill review: Verdict

The XM-PRO III Treadmill is a no-frills treadmill that lets users bring their workouts indoors at an affordable price. Its 12KPH top speed isn’t the quickest, but it’s fast enough to accommodate that majority of amateur long-distance runners. In short, it’s a decent and well-built treadmill with a very appealing price tag.

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