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The Sporttech F37 treadmill is a well-designed running machine that’s perfect for home use. Here’s our Sportstech F37 review. See also: Best Treadmills for Home 2017.

RRP: £990.00

Amazon price: £649.00

Sportstech F37 review: Running

This is one of the best home treadmills you can buy. Its 1,300 x 500mm running surface is bigger than a lot of its rivals, giving you more freedom and landed room during workouts. The belt is driven by a 3 horsepower electric engine that is capable of creating running speeds up to 20 KPH which is similar to machines you’ll find in high-end gyms across the country. To put this speed into context, Mo Farah’s 10k PB pace was an average of 22 KPH. See also: Reebok ZR8 Compact Treadmill review: A SUPERB Running Machine.

It’s been designed with a 5-layer running surface to limit the noise levels to 75DB. This is equivalent to the volume of an average conversation in the house, or a car going past the house. The machine also has a 6-zone cushioning system which aims to reduce the stress running causes joints.

Sportstech F37 review

The machine has integrated hand pulse measurement and is heart-rate belt compatible also, giving you good versatility on how you can measure your workout intensity.

Sportstech F37 review: Monitor

Sportstech F37 review monitorThe Sportstech F37 features a 3″ monochrome LCD that displays all key data points. The machine has 12 workout options including fitness tests, endurance mode, fat burn, interval training and quick start. Setting manual workouts is easy too, thanks to 20 easy-to-press physical buttons that let you control every aspect of the running machine.

The treadmill can be paired easily with your smartphone or tablet via USB or Bluetooth. You can also rest your mobile device in place via the built-in tablet/smartphone holder. The machine has several playback buttons that let you easily control your device’s entertainment output.

Once connected, you can download Sporttech’s iOS or Android app which will superimpose a virtual road for you to run alone. The app also gives you additional data points about your run while giving you greater control of any media you’re playing too.

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Sportstech F37 review: Build quality and storage

[amazon_link asins=’B07655X7PN’ template=’ProductAd’ store=’techt06-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’c88e1e0c-d30a-11e7-8bdb-09f960a449bd’]Assembling the machine is a relatively straightforward process. Allow yourself 15-30 minutes to unpack the large box and screw bolts into multiple easy to access holes.

Once assembled the machine looks after itself via its impressive self-lubrication system that will regularly release silicone oil to keep the treadmill running smoothly.

The treadmill is foldable, reducing its floorspace footprint from 1,715 x 830mm to 1,120 x 830mm. It comes with built-in rollers that make moving the 90Kg machine a lot easier.

Sportstech F37 review: Verdict

If you want a professional-grade treadmill in your home the Sportstech F37 is the machine for you. It’s power, easy-to-use and has a great running action that’s not too loud or stressful on your joints. It’s not the cheapest running machine you can buy, but it’s definitely one of the best.

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