Smeg FAB50 review

The Smeg FAB50 is a classic American-style 1950s retro fridge with A++ energy rating from 2017. Here’s our Smeg FAB50 review.

RRP: £1,999

John Lewis price: £1,439

Quick look:

  • Gorgeous 1950s design
  • Big capacity (412L total)
  • A++ Energy rating
  • Quite (44dB)
  • Non-reversible doors

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Smeg FAB50 review: Overview

Smeg’s kitchen appliances are loved for build quality and design. The Smeg FAB50 Fridge Freezer is no different. It’s gorgeous (which is a bizarre thing to say about a fridge). It’s an intentional attention-grabbing appliance that mimics a golden age for refrigeration manufacturing (another ridiculous statement.)

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This is important because a lot of kitchens are guilty of having fridge freezers that are bought on price and spec alone.

Smeg FAB50 review - Fridge Freezer 1

Smeg FAB50 review: Size

This is a big freestanding Fridge Freezer. Meaning it’s perfect for a larger kitchen or busy family home with lots of food. The split is weighted 70/30 in favour of the fridge. This translates into a 315L fridge and 97L freezer (412L total).

If you’re a little put off by the 30% freezer allowance, don’t be. This is already an oversized Fridge Freeze and a 97L freezer is more than most medium-size units will offer.

Smeg FAB50 review: Shelves and compartments

Smeg FAB50 review 3The Smeg FAB50 has all the compartments you need. There are three main, adjustable shelves located in the middle of the fridge. Above the shelves are two containers fixed to the top of the fridge and two large vegetable/fruit drawers and the bottom. The fridge door is equally well thought out. Offering a solid drinks rack at its foo, three tiers of adjustable/removable shelves, plus a covered egg rack at the top too.

The one minor let down for the Smeg FAB50 is the lack of an automatic ice maker. However, there is a decent manual one. Boasting two ice trays plus an ice bucket for storing your manually-made ice. The rest of the freezer is pretty standard, offering good shelving options and a dedicated fast-freezing compartment too.

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Smeg FAB50 review: Energy

A fridge’s energy rating is often overlooked. But it shouldn’t be. An energy-thirsty fridge can lead to the cost of your fridge can doubling over its 10-year lifespan. This isn’t the case with the Smeg FAB50. It comes with the second-best energy rating the UK awards, A++. In human terms, this means the average monthly energy cost is £3.80.

Smeg FAB50 review: Noise

If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, a loud Fridge Freezer can be frustrating. The Smeg FAB50 has been measured at 44 DB, meaning it isn’t the best you can find, but it’s far from the worst. And it’s quiet enough for it not to be an important buying factor.

Smeg FAB50 review - Fridge Freezer 2

Smeg FAB50 review: Verdict

The Smeg FAB50 is the best looking Fridge Freezer you can buy in 2017. It backs up its looks will excellent energy and noise ratings. And it’s massive too, making it perfect for anyone with a large family… or kitchen.

Smeg FAB50 review: Specs

  • Energy rating: A++
  • Average annual energy cost: £46.20
  • Temp display: Internal
  • Noise level: 44dB
  • Fridge size: 315L
  • Freezer size: 97L
  • Unit size: H 195 x W 80.4 x D 81cm

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