JLL S300 review

The JLL S300 is an excellent treadmill that’s been designed for home use. It boasts a wider running surface than most of its competition and is fast enough to be challenging for all levels of runners. Here’s our JLL S300 review. See also: Best Treadmills for Home 2017.

RRP: £499.99

Amazon price: £382.99 

Tesco price: £439.99

JLL S300 review: Running

This machine nearly has it all when from a running perspective. The only thing lacking is a motor fast enough to allow users to really open their legs and sprint. However, for most, its 16KPH top speed is more than quick enough for endurance training. The 2.5CHP electric motor can be adjusted from right from 0.3KPH to 16KPH. It also has 20 levels of incline, topping out at 20%.

There are two common complaints with home treadmills. The running surface is too narrow and the machine is too loud. That’s not the case here. The running belt measures in at 123 x 41cm, giving you plenty of room for a misplaced step. Ther’es also a 16-point cushion deck shock-absorbing system (made from advanced silicone rubber) in place too. This reduces noise levels and takes away some of the stress running causes joints.

The JLL S300 also has a generous maximum weight. Anyone who weighs 120kg (18.19 stone) or less can safely use the treadmill. This is a feature where a lot of cheaper running machines, like the PremierFit T100  fall short, limiting it to lighter users only.

This treadmill comes with 15 built-in running programmes that use a combination of speed. interval and hill training, to help you achieve your fitness goals.

*16 KPH will give you the following race times. 5k 18.45; 10k 60mins; Half marathon 1.19.06; Marathon 2.38.11.

JLL S300 review: Dashboard

JLL S300 review - monitorThe JLL S300’s monitor and dashboard are decent but unremarkable. The dashboard has 11 easy to press buttons that are intuitive to use and help get you started quickly. There are also two extra buttons located on each handrail that let you adjust the speed and incline while running. Each rail also has pulse sensors that hook-up to the monitor and display your heart rate. Note that the machine is not compatible with third-party heart rate monitors.

The monitor is a 5″ LCD, that displays key data: speed, time, distance, heart rate and calories burning. Alongside the monitor is a tablet holder, which can be plugged into a USB port (charging only) and an aux-in jack which lets you hook up mobile devices to the treadmills two loudspeakers. Meaning you can listen to your own music or watch videos on your tablet while running. See also: Sportstech F37 Review: Excellent Treadmill That’s PERFECT For Home Workouts.

It comes with easy to press buttons that give you total control over your workout the important tasks like changing the speed/incline are all easy to operate.

JLL S300 review: Build quality

[amazon_link asins=’B00FOSGRH8′ template=’ProductAd’ store=’techt06-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’f295298f-d56e-11e7-9b33-8db5e6dda322′]Assembling the machine is relatively easy. The instructions are easy to follow and the process should take no more than 30-60 minutes to complete. It’s recommended that you employ the help of a friend when installing this treadmill and some parts may be too heavy for one person.

Once built, there is little to do in the way of maintenance other than regularly lubricate moving parts with silicone oil.

The machine comes with generous warranties. 2-years on all moving parts; 5-years on the motor; And a lifetime warranty on the frame.

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JLL S300 review: Verdict

The JLL S300 is a really well-priced treadmill that we would recommend to anyone looking to improve their fitness at home. It comes will all the features you need from a running machine and is intuitive to operate. A great product.

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