Breville VST041 Deep Fill Sandwich Toaster review

Breville is king when it comes to toasted sandwich makers and the VST041 is its current bestseller. Here’s our Breville VST041 Deep Fill Sandwich Toaster review and tip on things you should consider if you want the Best Toasted Sandwich Maker for your kitchen.

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Breville VST041 Deep Fill Sandwich Toaster review

This device markets itself as a “Deep Fill Sandwich Toaster” and it is exactly that. You can comfortably make a toasted sandwich with thick slices of cheese, tomato, ham (etc) and the machine will seal and cut the bread neatly.

Take a quick look at user reviews on Amazon and one or two might lead you to question if it’s really is a “deep fill” machine. The important thing to remember is that this machine is designed for average-sized bread and its “deep fill” is in proportion to that. What it doesn’t do is magically make normal-sized bread fit absurd amounts of filling.

Providing you don’t overfill your sandwich in the first place, the Breville VST041’s deep fill plates, combined with its high hinge, will make a toasted sandwich that is more than ample sized.

Breville VST041 Deep Fill Sandwich Toaster review: Speed

The device heats up very quickly and confirms it’s at correct toasting temperature view its indicator light located on the lid. When your sandwich is clamped in place it takes roughly two minutes to cook a sandwich through and turn the bread a nice golden brown toasted colour.

Breville VST041 Deep Fill Sandwich Toaster review 2

The machine only has two modes. On or off. There is no dial to control the temperature of the toaster. Nor is there is a timer to automatically turn off the heat when your toasted sandwich is ready. This means you’ll have to pay attention during cooking. This is forgivable considering the speed of the Breville VST041 Deep Fill Sandwich Toaster.

Breville VST041 Deep Fill Sandwich Toaster: Design

The design is a mixed bag. it does the basics very well. Things like the wrap-around cord storage located underneath the toaster and the ability to lock the lid to store it vertically, are good design features. However, the lack of interchangeable plates is disappointing. Some of its rivals come bundled with Waffle irons and a griddle to make toasted paninis/ciabattas. These have to be purchased for £15 each with this product.

The Breville VST041 is available in one shape and with one finish, stainless steel. Thankfully, the design is tastefully neutral, so it will fit in will all kitchen designs and colours schemes.

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Breville VST041 Deep Fill Sandwich Toaster: Cleaning

Cleaning this sandwich press is easy. When the machine has cooled enough to be handled, you click the easy-release button and remove the top and bottom plates from the toaster. The plates are nonstick and dishwasher safe, meaning it takes minimal effort to wipe off any melted cheese or burnt filling.

Breville VST041 Deep Fill Sandwich Toaster: Verdict

The Breville VST041 Deep Fill Sandwich Toaster has everything you look for in a budget toasted sandwich maker. It’s affordable; well designed; quick to use; stylish; easy to clean; and easy to store. If you’ve got £25 to spend on a toasted sandwich machine, the Breville VST041 Deep Fill doesn’t disappoint.

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