Babyliss 3Q review

Babyliss has been manufacturing hairdryers for over 50 years and Babyliss 3Q is its latest flagship hairdryer. It’s lightweight, powerful, versatile and quite. Here’s our Babyliss 3Q review.

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Babyliss 3Q review: Technology

Powering the Babyliss 3Q is a 2200W power digital motor. This new motor monitors and regulates the hairdryer’s heat and airflow with precision.

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Babyliss makes good use of its new high-power motor, offering users four exact temperatures to dry their hair at plus two variable speed settings. 50°C for gentle drying; 70°C for the recommended temperature; 90°C for fast hairdryer; There’s also a 28°C True Cool Shot mode. Babyliss says you should use this to dry and set the final 10% of your hair for lasting hold.

During use, the 3Q remains cool enough to hold. However, users need to take care when using the dryer at 70°C or 90°C setting as they risk burning their hair or scalp if they get too close for too long.


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Alongside the digital motor its a feature Babyliss is calling Super Ionic Conditioning. In layman’s terms, this is just a modified ionizer. Most new hairdryers come with ionizer’s, they are used to create millions of negative-charged ions as this technology has been found to increase drying times and reduce static which causes hair to frizz. Some reports suggest ionizers contribute to increasing shine too.

The Babyliss 3Q is reasonably quiet, but some way off the muted levels of the Dyson Supersonic. Where the 3Q differs the most is the pitch it runs at. It’s an octave or two above most hairdryers. The helps you hear other conversational/vocal tones in the room while drying.

Babyliss 3Q review info

Babyliss 3Q review: Design

At 510g it’s one of the lightest high-end hairdryers you can buy. The Dyson Supersonic weighs 710g for example. We found the 3-meter power cord to be in the sweet spot of long enough to reach across the room, while not being so long that it becomes a nuisance.

Babyliss 3Q review: Verdict:

[amazon_link asins=’B0153LHEFE’ template=’ProductAd’ store=’techt06-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’715d109e-de25-11e7-af58-e5ef4ac38939′] The Babyliss 3Q is a well-designed, light and nicely priced hairdryer. It’s powerful, easy-to-use and dries hair really quickly. During test users commented positively on the finish the  Babyliss 3Q creates, noting reduced frizz and increased shine.

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