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How to watch NZ TV abroad: Watch TVNZ & SKY Go when overseas

If you’re overseas you won’t be able to watch TVNZ or Sky Go as you would if you were in New Zealand. Here we show you how to watch NZ TV abroad.

How to watch NZ TV abroad: Stream TVNZ and Sky Go overseas

  1. Download and install a VPN
  2. Select a server in New Zealand
  3. Launch TV NZ or Sky Go
  4. Stream any of the catch-up TV programmes or live channels (as you would if you were in New Zealand)

[FIXED] Playback error: “This content is not available in your country”

TVNZ and Sky Go have started blacklisting IP Addresses with irregular activities. This means you may experience difficulties accessing TVNZ and Sky Go content while using a VPN. 

If you’re already using a VPN and you see the error message “This content is not currently available” then its bad news. It means your VPN provider’s IP address has already been blacklisted. In 2017 broadcasters, including TVNZ, Sky Go, BBC, BT Sport and Sky UK, started clamping down customers using VPNs to access content while abroad (due to licensing reasons).

The way a Broadcasters identify and police VPN’s IP Addresses is actually pretty basic. Broadcasters only need to look for an IP that accesses, and downloads content from, its servers more than any single household or office would do normally.

Luckily, there is a solution already in place. You need to buy a dedicated IP address from a VPN. This way, only you will be accessing TVNZ and Sky Go servers and content, meaning your IP address won’t download an abnormal amount of data (as a VPN isn’t sharing it with all of its customers).

The best VPNs, such as PureVPN offer it for as little as $1.49/month. On top of a regular VPN subscription.

Why do I need a VPN to watch NZ TV abroad?

New Zealand’s television providers are subject to strict licencing laws that prevent them from broadcasting content to other territories. This applies to its Internet-based TV content too regardless of whether the person trying to access the service is an NZ citizen, taxpayer, or Sky TV customer.

How to watch NZ TV abroadOnline TV services police this by identifying the location users’ IP addresses. If you’re not accessing NZ TV from a New Zealand internet connection, you won’t be able to watch its content. Unless you have a VPN.

A VPN gives you the ability to spoof your location, meaning you can trick content providers (including catch-up TV services) into thinking you’re accessing content from a specific country. VPNs work by encrypting data at its customer’s end and then decrypting the data at its servers end, it then relays this data to its server’s local ISP. This Virtual Private Network is what enables VPN customers to spoof their location and access multiple country’s internet services as if they were physically there. (Read also: Best Antivirus for Mac 2017.)

What’s the best VPN to watch NZ TV abroad?

There are scores of different VPN providers you can use. However, not all VPNs are equal. The best (paid-for) VPNs offer customers 50+ server locations, often with several different servers based within different cities within a country. These servers give users unlimited data allowances and unthrottled transfer speeds, perfect for streaming catch-up TV services.

The 3 Best VPNs

  1. PureVPN – $3.24/Month*
  2. NordVPN – $4.75/Month
  3. IPVanish – $9.37/ Month
  4. TunnelBear – $6.01/ Month

*Buy with “Dedicated NZ IP” for guaranteed access.

(See our Best VPNs of 2017 guide for more info)

Free VPNs are a little different. Some, like Windscribe, offer generous monthly data allowances and let customers pick server locations of their choice. The problem with these free VPN providers is that their servers are often oversubscribed, which has a knock-on effect on transfer speeds. This makes them unadvisable if you want to use them to watch catch-up TV with.

3 Best (Free) VPNs

  1. Tunnel Bear – 500MB/Month
  2. Windscribe – 10GB / Month
  3. Speedify – 1GB / Month

How much data do I need to watch NZ TV abroad?

Streaming catch-up or live TV over the internet can require anything between 600MB/hour for SD content to 2GB/hour for HD content.

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