Search Redirect

Remove Search Redirect – use these EASY steps! (2023)

Is your browser is being redirected to Here's how to remove search redirect browser hijacker.
Android phone

How to stop spam emails on Android (2023)

Tired of getting spam email on Android and want to silence the near-endless notifications popping up about messages you'll never read? We've got you covered.
Windows Security app

Windows Security not working? Try these EASY fixes! (2023)

Windows Security is a handy antivirus to keep your PC safe, but sometimes it may stop working. Here's how to fix it.

Bitdefender review: All-in-one premium security (2023)

Bitdefender is a top dog among antivirus software. Find out what makes it one of the best.
How to block a number on iPhone

How to block a number on iPhone – stop spam callers! (2023)

Learning how to block a number on iPhone is nearly essential these days. Here's how to do it!
Android Phone Fingerprint Sensor used by woman

Hackers can bypass Android phones with new fingerprint brute-force attacks

Cybersecurity researchers discover "BrutePrint" attacks can bypass Android phones with fingerprint sensors – is your smartphone safe?
Open File folder with blank documents on laptop computer for high disk usage fix

Why is my disk usage so high? Try these fixes! (2023)

Wondering why you have high disk usage or getting 100% activity? If your PC is slowing down, try these easy fixes.
The concept of love scams online involves using email phishing scams

‘Sextortion’ scams explained: What are they and how to avoid them (2023)

What is a sextortion scam and how can you avoid them? This guide will fill you in on the latest wave of scams circulating the internet.
Microsoft OneNote icons

Dangerous malware is hiding in sly Microsoft OneNote email attachments

Malware spread through Microsoft OneNote attachments allows hackers to remotely access a victim's device, stealing passwords, taking screenshots, and recording video using a device's webcam.  As reported by BleepingComputer, hackers are using different...
Gmail on laptop

How to block spam email in Gmail – follow these EASY steps (2023)

Find out how to block spam email in Gmail with this easy guide!


Does VPN speed matter

Does VPN speed matter? (2023)

VPNs offer anonymity and data protection as we navigate the internet, encrypting our data and safeguarding our online identities. But there is a crucial...
What is an IP address

What is an IP address? (2023)