Norton 360 Platinum on Laptop

Norton 360 Platinum review: Security multiplied (2023)

Norton 360 Platinum brings the same high level of antivirus protection and bonus features while throwing in further identity protection, making it one of the best antivirus software to get.
Malwarebytes Logo

Malwarebytes not working? Try these EASY fixes! (2023)

Having trouble getting Malwarebytes to work? Find out how to fix Malwarebytes antivirus, along with a way to test your antivirus to make sure it's giving your device the right defence.
Bitdefender Lead Image

Exclusive: Bitdefender antivirus is so good ‘even our competitors use us’

Bitdefender's Director of Threat Research and Reporting Bogdan Botezatu explains the need to educate everyone on even the simplest cyberattacks, dealing with up to 550 new threats a minute and how...
Android Phone Fingerprint Sensor used by woman

Hackers can bypass Android phones with new fingerprint brute-force attacks

Cybersecurity researchers discover "BrutePrint" attacks can bypass Android phones with fingerprint sensors – is your smartphone safe?
Amazon app on Smartphone

Is ‘ action needed: Sign-in attempt’ email a scam? Here’s what to do (2023)

Find out more about the ", action needed: Sign-in attempt" email scam and what to do if you've received one in your inbox.

Why is my Windows time wrong? Use these fixes! (2023)

If your system clock on Windows is wrong or keeps changing, follow this guide to fix your Windows time.
Windows Security app

Windows Security not working? Try these EASY fixes! (2023)

Windows Security is a handy antivirus to keep your PC safe, but sometimes it may stop working. Here's how to fix it.
Super Mario 3 Mario Forever malware

Popular Super Mario game for Windows installs SupremeBot malware

Beware a trojanized Super Mario Bros game installer for Windows spreading malware that can steal your passwords and more. Here's how to stop it.
Free Wi-Fi signal

Can malware spread through Wi-Fi? How it can happen to you (2023)

Can malware spread through Wi-Fi? Here's how to find out!
Android phone with apps

63 Android apps with millions of downloads infected by new malware

Cybersecurity experts discovered a new type of malware that infiltrated legitimate apps on the Google Play Store. Here's how to stay safe.


Does VPN speed matter

Does VPN speed matter? (2023)

VPNs offer anonymity and data protection as we navigate the internet, encrypting our data and safeguarding our online identities. But there is a crucial...
What is an IP address

What is an IP address? (2023)