Sharsies vs Hatch fees comparison

Sharesies vs Hatch fees comparison (…for US shares)

Sharesies and Hatch offer Kiwis largely the same service: the ability to invest in US companies from their smartphones and laptops. The biggest difference between the two companies - apart from...
Audeze Mobius review 1

Audeze Mobius review: This high-end gaming headset can do it all!

Audeze's gaming headset, the Mobius, is a high-end headset that doesn't hold back. It can do it all. Delivering clear, balanced sound through its Planar Magnetic Drivers and “3D surround sound”...
Apple One NZ price and release date

Apple One NZ price and release date

Apple today announced Apple One. A service that bundles all of Apple’s subscription services in one simple plan, including Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade and iCloud. With a single subscription, customers...

Best wireless earbuds NZ (2021)

There are many things to consider when buying wireless earbuds. In this popular market, it can be difficult differentiating between good wireless earbuds and bad ones. The best wireless earbuds (in 2021)...
Qobuz's high-res music streaming launches in NZ

Qobuz’s high-res music streaming service comes to NZ for $30/month

Meet Qobuz. A high-res music streaming service that's now available to Kiwi audiophiles that, unlike Spotify and Apple Music, gives users the ability to listen to music in a lossless 24-Bit/192...
Alienware M15 R4 review 2

Alienware M15 R4 review

Alienware’s M15 R4 is a laptop designed for gaming, and it doesn’t disappoint. Its GeForce RTX 3080 graphics card, combined with its Intel i7-10870H processor make this a laptop that can handle...
Is Hatch or Sharesies better?

Is Hatch or Sharesies better?

Is Hatch or Sharesies better? It's all dependent on how much you want to invest. Sharesies is cheaper for investments $500.
iPhone sizes sketch October 2020

Here’s a sketch of every size iPhone you can buy right now

Options. That's the key word with the iPhone line-up right now. Gone are the days when you could only get the iPhone whatever. Now, you can get the iPhone in a...
Samsung M51 review 1

Samsung Galaxy M51 review

The Samsung Galaxy M51 will appeal to those who some of the features that a high-end smartphone brings, but struggle to convince themselves to spend over NZ$1,000 on a flagship device. While...
JBL Clip 4 review 1

JBL Clip 4 review

JBL's Clip 4 is a portable speaker that knows exactly what it's trying to be: an affordable, no-frills portable speaker, specifically designed to be taken outdoors. And for the most part,...