How to stop running out of data on iPhone

How to stop running out of data on iPhone. Six tips for saving data on iPhone. Here’s how to make your iPhone data go further.

Your iPhone is brilliant. Too brilliant. That monthly data limit soon goes if you use all the many wonderful features and apps on your smartphone. And in the UK at least cellular data is super expensive. In this article we explain how to monitor your iPhone data usage, how to prevent apps from using too much data, and how to make your iPhone data go further. 

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Stop running out of data on iPhone: 1. how much data am I using?

Go to Settings > Cellular (or Mobile Data), scroll down to view Mobile Data Usage. If you have never done this before, the number you see will be your all-time data usage, so scroll to the bottom and hit Reset Statistics. Do this every month to keep track of your data usage.

This is a faff, so you could just purchase the Data Usage app for 79p. This will keep track of your data usage for you.

If you just want to see which apps are using data, go to Settings > Cellular (Mobile Data).

How to speed up iPhone
How to save data on iPhone

Stop running out of data on iPhone: 2. how to turn off Wi-Fi assist

WiFi Assist feature kicks in to use cellular data if your Wi-Fi connection is crappy. Which is good for your connection, bad for your wallet and your data contract. If you don’t need it, turn it off. Go to Settings > Mobile Data, scroll to the bottom and disable Wi-Fi Assist.

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Stop running out of data on iPhone: 3. stop individual apps using data

Go to Settings > Cellular/Mobile Data and scroll down to stop individual apps from using data. Classic data hogs include steaming services such as FaceTime, or cloud data services such as iCloud. Switch off cellular and you can still use them via Wi-Fi.

Save data on iPhone
Save data on iPhone

Stop running out of data on iPhone: 4. turn off auto play video in Facebook

Facebook’s auto play video can chew through your data. But you can switch off this specific element of the app. Go to Settings > Facebook > Settings and scroll down to Video and switch to Auto-play on Wi-Fi only.

Stop running out of data on iPhone: 5. stop iPhone using data

To turn off your cellular data so go to Settings > Cellular (Mobile Data) and toggle the Cellular Data switch to off.

This will turn off all cellular data to restrict all data to Wi-Fi, including email, web browsing and push notifications.

Stop running out of data on iPhone: 6. switch off data roaming

When you travel abroad, you may wish to stop your phone using cellular data, which tends to be a lot more expensive. Go to Settings > Cellular and toggle the switch beside Data Roaming. See also: Delete junk files on iPhone | Empty iPhone cache | Delete temporary files on iPhone: 5 ways to speed up your iPhone.

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