If you’re about to redecorate your bathroom, or your current bathroom is showing signs of mildew, you’re going to need special paint. Here we tell you the anti-mould properties you need to look out for and also list the best bathroom paint you can buy in 2020.

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Best Bathroom Paint: What you need to know

Mildew is the enemy in bathrooms. The problem is that bathrooms often posses the perfect growing conditions for mildew. It thrives in warm and wet conditions. Which is exactly that atmosphere your bathroom turns into after a bath or shower?

The first line of defence against mildew is there for to remove the moisture from the air as quickly as possible. And the best way to do that is with a powerful extractor fan. Take a look at our best bathroom extractor fans article to buy the right one for your loo.

The most important feature to look out for in bathroom paint is its moisture-resistant properties. A paint with a tight molecular structure will prevent mildew growing inside or undeath walls. Meaning if mould does start to grow, it will only be on the surface and can be treated by simply scrubbing and cleaning. Below we’ll take you through the different types of bathroom paint that are available, and which are best suited to repelling moisture. A shiny high-gloss paint is no longer the only option!

The next thing you should do is buy a paint that is ready to combat mildew. You should look for a paint that contains mildew-Inhibitors. In the past, some manufacturers used to add phenylmercuric acetate (PMA) to paint to fight off mildew. However, while this was effective, the formula contained mercury – which is dangerous to humans – so has been widely banned since 1991. Today, paint manufacturers use several additives that are just as effective, but thankfully, are also safe.

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What finish is the type of best bathroom paint?

Matte (flat) – Traditionally, matte paint is the worst finish to have in a bathroom. Its dry finish means it quickly absorbed any moisture in the air, which creates the perfect growing conditions for mildew. However, paint manufacturers have recently developed new flat-paint formulas with tighter structures. This makes modern matte bathroom paint much better suited to combating and repelling moist air. So you can have a non-shiny, and good looking, matte finish in your bathroom too.

Eggshell – A sheenier finish, making it more washable than flat/matte paint.

Satin – Satin paint includes a little gloss, and is traditionally used in bathrooms that have low levels of moisture.

Semi-Gloss – This finish is the most common finish for bathrooms. It’s not a plastic as the high-gloss paint, but it still repels moisture really well.

High-gloss – This is the best paint for bathrooms where there are high levels of moisture. However, the finish looks very plastic which doesn’t look good over large surfaces.

5 BEST Bathroom Paint

1. Dulux Bathroom Plus Soft Sheen Paint

Best Bathroom Paint - Dulux Bathroom Plus Soft Sheen Paint

RRP: £19.94

  • Soft-sheen finish
  • Highly tough moisture and steam resistant paint
  • MouldTec formulation
  • Protects against mould for 5 years
  • 10x tougher than conventional Dulux matte and silk emulsion
  • Number of coats: 2

The Dulux Bathroom Soft Sheen is a good option for anyone looking for a non-shiny bathroom paint that posses the same steam resistant properties of gloss paint. Independent labs testing has shown its MouldTec formula can protect your walls from ould for up to five years. This is the best bathroom paint you can buy. Available in a range of colours.

2. Johnstone’s 303966 Kitchen and Bathroom Emulsion Paint

Best Bathroom Paint - Johnstone's 303966 Kitchen and Bathroom Emulsion Paint

RRP: £12.99

  • Mid-sheen finish
  • Low odour
  • Also suitable for halls, stairways and playrooms
  • Available in a range of colours

This bathroom paint from Johnstone’s is designed to protect surfaces that are exposed to high levels of condensation. Once dry, it has a subtle mid-sheen finish, meaning it’s more resistant to moisture, stains and grease. It also produces a low odour and is up to 10 times more wash-resistant than conventional emulsions.

3. Ronseal AMPWM750 Anti Mould Paint White Matt

Best Bathroom Paint - Ronseal AMPWM750 Anti Mould Paint White Matt

RRP: £13.71

  • Matte finish
  • Up to 6 years of mould protection
  • Quick drying
  • Moisture and steam resistant
  • Easy wipe-clean emulsion
  • Coverage: 13 m2 covered per litre
  • Number of coats: 2
  • Drying time: 2 hours

We like Ronseal’s Anti Mould Paint because is has advanced encapsulated biocide technology, that’s specifically designed to prevent mould at the cause. This makes it a great choice of paint for areas with high condensation and humidity such as bathrooms and kitchens. It will also protect your room from mildew for up to 6 years. Quick drying; moisture/steam resistant; easy wipe-clean emulsion – there’s a lot to like.

4. Ronseal ACPWM750 Anti-Condensation Matte Finish Paint

Best Bathroom Paint - Ronseal ACPWM750 750 ml Anti-Condensation Matt Finish Paint

RRP: £18.89

  • Matte finish
  • Helps prevent the causes of mould
  • Tough, scrubbable finish.
  • Coverage: 6m² per Litre
  • Number of coats: 2
  • Touch dry in 1-2 hours

The Ronseal Anti Condensation Paint adds a layer of insulation to help prevent condensation which leads to mould. Once it dry that it, job done. Unless you want to add some colour. Then you can paint over it with any colour you want. It still gives the same anti-condensation protection.

5. Polycell Damp Seal

Best Bathroom Paint - Polycell Damp Seal

RRP: £16.78

  • Matte white finish
  • Prevents damp from showing through and spoiling decoration
  • Seals patches of penetrating damp
  • Number of coats: 1

Polycell Damp Seal will seal damp patches on interior walls and ceilings in a single coat. Use this when you only want to treat small areas of damp rather than repainting a whole room. Damp Seal has a matte white finish that can be painted over.

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