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How to watch Foxtel Go abroad: Watch Foxtel in NZ, UK, US, Canada (anywhere overseas)


If you’re not in Australia, but overseas on holiday or in a foreign country with work, you won’t be able to access Foxtel Go as you would back at home. In this article we will show you how to can get around the blocks that are in place. Here’s how to watch Foxtel Go abroad.

How to watch Foxtel Go abroad

  1. Download and install a VPN
  2. Open your VPN app and select a server in Australia
  3. Login to Foxtel Go
  4. Watch Foxtel Go from anywhere in the world

Why do I need a VPN to watch Foxtel Go abroad?

How to watch Foxtel Go abroadFoxtel, like all major TV broadcasters, is subject to licencing laws. These laws prohibit networks broadcasting content to territories outside of Australia (which is why you cannot access Foxtel Go abroad). Each country has its own range of IP Addresses and Foxtel enforces these restrictions by checking the IP Address of each user. An easy way to sidestep these restricts is to spoof your location using a VPN.

In the simplist forms, VPNs work by encrypting data at a users’ end and then decrypting the data at a server end. The end result is unrestricted access to an internet connection in a country of a user’s choice.

If you want to watch Foxtel Go while abroad, you just need to install a VPN and select a server in Australia.

Best VPNs to watch Foxtel Go abroad

  1. NordVPN – $3.29/Month
  2. IPVanish – $6.49/ Month
  3. TunnelBear – $4.16/ Month

There are two different types of VPNs. Free and paid-for.

Free VPNs are limited regarding what they offer users. They cap the amount of data you use, throttle transfer speeds and restrict which servers you can access. Each of these reasons makes them unsuitable for streaming video content.

Paid-for VPNs have no data caps. Or throttling of transfer speeds. And they let customers chose servers in specific locations. Making them the best choice for streaming video, such as Foxtel Go content, with. Below are the three best VPNs we recommend you use.

The most cost-effective way to pay for a VPN is with an annual subscription. This will bring the price down to only a few dollars a month. However, you can also pay to use a VPN on a monthly basis, but this option often works out more expensive if you end up using the VPN for a few months.

(See our Best VPNs of 2017 guide for more info)

3 Best (Free) VPNs

  1. Tunnel Bear – 500MB/Month
  2. Windscribe – 10GB / Month
  3. Speedify – 1GB / Month

How much data do I need?

Streaming video with Foxtel Go requires transfer speeds of roughly 2Mbps (at least) to ensure a smooth stream without buffering interruptions. Watching an hour’s worth of SD content can require anywhere between 600MB to 2GB.

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