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BBC iPlayer not working with VPN? Here’s how to fix that!


Is BBC iPlayer not working with your VPN? Bad news. Your VPN provider’s IP address has been blacklisted. Here’s the best workaround.

If you’re seeing one of the following messages: “This Content is not currently available” or “BBC iPlayer only works in the UK. Sorry, it’s due to rights issues” or “This content is not available in your location” it means the content you’re trying to access is location specific and not available in your region. Here we show you what you need to do to unblock geo-restricted content, no matter where you are in the world.

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BBC iPlayer not working with VPN?

If your VPN has stopped working with BBC iPlayer, it means your VPN’s IP address has been blocked.

  1. You VPN provider’s UK IP address has been blacklisted by the BBC
  2. This is because it’s been shared with too many customers
  3. When multiple users access the same IP address, the download behaviour is abnormal
  4. When the BBC detects “abnormal IP behaviour” it blacklists the IP address
  5. Buy a dedicated IP from PureVPN (£3.15/month) to fix

VPNs share the same IP addresses with their thousands of customers. This is a problem as BBC iPlayer has recently started monitoring the levels of content consumed by each IP address, and when the BBC spots an IP with abnormal download levels, it blacklists the address.

The best workaround for this is to buy a VPN that lets you buy a dedicated IP in the UK too. PureVPN is the only VPN service that provides this service. You can buy the service for as little as £3.15 a month.

Buy PureVPN with a dedicated IP (£3.15/month).

BBC iPlayer not working with VPN: The BEST workaround

Until recently, the likes of NordVPN, IPVanish, and TunnelBear (etc) were all good options. However, since late 2017, customers have experienced increasing issues while trying to stream when abroad. The reason for this is because they are sharing their UK IP addresses with too many customers, which leads to the IPs getting blacklisted.

The only workaround that’s guaranteed to work is using a VPN with a dedicated IP address. For that reason, we recommend PureVPN There are two reasons why.

BBC iPlayer only works in the UK - Sorry it’s due to rights issues 1

  1. PureVPN is one of the few VPN providers to have a dedicated section for different streaming services. Meaning you just need to select BBC iPlayer, for example, and it will automatically connect you to a VPN server in the United Kingdom so you’re ready to stream instantly.
  2. The second reason we recommend PureVPN is because you can buy a dedicated IP address in a country of your choice. It will cost you an extra £1.45/$1.99 per month. But this means you won’t be sharing your IP address with anyone.

A dedicated IP address guarantees you won’t download abnormal levels of data. Meaning you’re IP address will never get blacklisted – as long as you don’t share it with hundreds of your friends.

Buy PureVPN with a dedicated IP (£3.15/month).

Why am I seeing the message “This Content is not currently available”?

The simple answer is because you’re not in the correct location/country to access the content. However, if you’re already using a VPN to spoof your location, things are a little more complicated.

This Content is not currently available

As recently as last year, you could buy a cheap VPN and stream catchup content from any service, while in any country. This method meant services such as BBC iPlayer, and all of its content was open to anyone in the world with an internet connection and a VPN. Not just the TV License-paying British public. Similarly, Netflix subscribers outside the US could simply turn on a VPN and access American Netflix’s huge library rather than their own country’s library.

Great for the end-consumer. Not so great for rights holders. This led to the broadcasters (with on-demand content) upgrading their geo-restriction technology. And in 2017, broadcasters – including the BBC, Netflix, Amazon, ITV, BT Sport, Sky Go, Foxtel and 4od – actively started blacklisting IP addresses that they suspected were attached to VPNs.

The way catchup TV providers detect a VPN’s IP address is pretty simple. Broadcasters recognised that VPNs were sharing a small number of IP addresses with their thousands/millions of customers. This meant certain IP addresses were accessing and downloading excessive amounts of data from BBC, Netflix, BT Sport another broadcasters’ servers. And this made the VPN’s IP addresses pretty easy to spot and blacklist.

Picture your IP address as your home’s internet connection. Normal behaviour would look something like 2-6 users accessing the internet at any given time. That’s a maximum of 2-6 users accessing BBC iPlayer’s servers at the same time. When a VPN shares its UK IP address with thousands of customers, the amount of content being consumed and data downloaded from the same IP address becomes abnormal. And more importantly, easy for the BBC to spot and blacklist.

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This content is not currently available: How to watch BBC iPlayer abroad

  1. Download and install PureVPN
  2. Select ‘Stream’ or ‘Dedicated IP’ mode
  3. Select Purpose: ‘BBC iPlayer’ and wait for connect
  4. Open BBC iPlayer

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