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9 Best Kitchen Taps 2017: We Rank This Year’s BEST Kitchen Taps


It’s forgivable to think there aren’t many things to consider when buying a tap for your kitchen. However, the best taps in 2017 are design-rich and filled with technology. Here we explain what features you can expect to see, and rank the best kitchen taps of 2017.

Best Kitchen Tap 2017: Buying Guide

Below you’ll find several features to consider before making your purchase. Remember, there’s no right or wrong choice for any of these. You should make your decision based on personal preference and budget.

Fixed or flexible/360-degree spout:

Flexible spouts used to be a feature reserved for restaurants or industrial kitchens. The main benefit of a flexible tap is versatility when washing up or filling oversized containers, making it a desirable feature. The downside is that they are modern looking so don’t fit in with every kitchen’s design. The solution here is to look for a pulldown flexible tap that’s hidden inside a fixed spout.

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If versatility is what you’re looking for then we suggest paying close attention to your tap’s faucet. Most taps come with a basic design that simply channels the water into your sink. More developed faucets let you manipulate the stream.

Look for a tap that has an Aerator (aka flow constrictor): These are the taps your find in nice hotels and restaurants. They mix air and water to provide two main user benefits. First, it saves the amount of water you use. Second, it reduces the splash when the water hits the sink.

Filter taps:

This is the same principle as filter water jugs. The only difference is that these taps actively filter as they draw water from the pipe, giving you an unlimited supply of chlorine-, bacteria- and lead-filtered drinking water. Taps with built-in filters also reduce the build-up of limescale in your appliances. The downside is that you have to replace the filter every six months to keep it effective.

Instant boiling water:

High-end kitchens sometimes come with instant hot water functionality. This is a great feature if you live in a busy household where people come and go regularly.

If this is an option you want, make sure your tap has a childproof safety feature and a temperature warning indicator. It’s also worth considering the size of the tap’s tank if you’re looking to dispense large amounts of boiling water.

Buying a mixer tap with that dispenses instant boiling water can be expensive. If you’re looking to save money it might be advisable to buy a  dedicated instant boiling water tap to sit next to your traditional mixer.

LED Temperature Lights:

Say goodbye to scalding your fingers as you test your tap’s water temperature. Faucets fitted with LEDs that react to water temperature let you visually see how hot/cold the water is via blue, green and red lights. Note that this shouldn’t be a deal breaker when buying your tap as LED faucets are more commonly retrofitted.

Where to buy the best kitchen taps?

If you’re looking for a bargain, we recommend searching online retailers such as eBay and Amazon for the best value and widest range. However, you will have to wait at least a day for delivery if you buy from either of these sites.

Alternatively, if you want to get your tap on the same day, try the click-and-collect services offered by retailers such as B&Q, John Lewis, Wickes or Ryman. These are likely to be more expensive than online-only shops.

The 9 BEST Kitchen Taps 2017

1. BRITA Waterbar Dolce 3 Way Filtered Tap WD3020 (Including Cartridge)

Best Kitchen Tap - BRITA Waterbar WD

RRP: £249.99

Amazon Price: £199.00

Ryman price: £249.99

  • Experience fresh BRITA filtered water direct from your tap
  • The BRITA Waterbar has two levers – one for normal hot and cold water and the other for filtered water
  • The BRITA tap uses a P1000 cartridge that reduces limescale, chlorine and heavy metals and can be fitted under the sink horizontally or vertically
  • Each cartridge last for about 4 months and so is excellent value, allowing you deliciously filtered water directly from your kitchen tap
  • Measure the amount of water you use with the advanced LED meter technology from BRITA, which lets you know when the cartridge needs replacing

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2. Pudin Instant Hot Water Kitchen Tap With LED Digital Display

Best Kitchen Tap - Pudin Adjustable 360

RRP: £95.99

Price on Amazon: £65.91

  • Adjustable heating.
  • Corrosion-resistant bronze
  • Easy to install
  • Scale-reducing technology
  • No hot water supply needed

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3. Insinkerator 3N1 Steaming Hot Water Tap

RRP: £589.00

Amazon price: £589.00

  • 98-degree hot water instantly (100 cups)
  • Genuine Insinkerator filter included
  • New 2017 Digital NeoTank included
  • Free & Fast Delivery
  • 2-year warranty
  • Chrome finish


4. Abode Stalto Professional Kitchen Tap, Stainless Steel

Best Kitchen Tap - Abode Stalto Professional Kitchen Tap

RRP: £489.00

John Lewis price: £489.00

  • High-pressure tap with combination boiler
  • Stainless Steel
  • 5-year Guarantee

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5. Taps UK Professional Chrome Kitchen Taps with Pull Out Mixer


RRP: £199.00

Amazon price: £56.99

  • Single handle for quick and easy water and temperature control
  • Chrome finish with solid brass construction for durability and longer life.
  • Premium Ceramic Disc designer faucet: smooth stream/spray water flow, drip-free.
  • High Arch Pull Out Sprayer and 360 Degree Rotation: offer more room pots/pans and superior clearance for sink

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6. Kingo Home Kitchen Swivel Spout Hot And Cold Tap with Pull Out Mixer

RRP: £139.00

Amazon price: £33.99

  • Single Handle: easy control of hot and cold water
  • Easy to install: come with the detailed instruction and flexible pipe connectors
  • Premium Ceramic Disc designer tap: smooth stream water flow, drip-free
  • Pull Out Sprayer and 360 Degree Rotation: offer more room pots/pans and superior clearance for sink
  • 30-day returns policy

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7. Hansgrohe Focus 240 Kitchen Tap with pull out mixer and 150-degree swivel

Best Kitchen Tap - Hansgrohe Focus

RRP: £264.00

Amazon price: £158.99

  • 150-degree swivel
  • 50cm pull out mixer
  • Two spray modes: Laminar spray for targeted filling plus shower spray for thorough rinsing
  • Durable ceramic cartridge
  • 5-year warranty

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8. Taps UK Goose Neck Tap with single handle, swivel spout and pull out mixer

Best Kitchen Tap - Taps UK Goose Neck

RRP: £169.00

Amazon price: £38.99 Valve: resist scratches and corrosion

  • Single Handle: easy control of hot and cold water
  • High-arch Spout Design with 360-degree Rotation: offers more room for a variety of sink activities
  • Durable Chrome Finish: resists tarnish and corrosion from daily use
  • All Mounting Hardware Included: easy to be installed

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9. Franke Fuji 1 Lever Single-Flow Spout Kitchen Tap

Best Kitchen Tap - Franke Fuji 1 Lever Single Flow Spout Kitchen Tap

RRP: £283.00

John Lewis price: £283.00

  • Hot Flow Rate at 0.3 bar: 2.8 litres/min
  • Silk Steel finish
  • 5-year guarantee on parts
  • 1-year guarantee on finish

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